Destination: 8-12 months // Local: 6-8 months

Save the dates are not always necessary, especially if you’re on a budget. However, it’s never a bad idea to let guests know if the wedding will be a destination event or if there are a lot of guests from out of town.


Destination: 3-4 months // Local: 4-8 weeks

Invitations should be sent so that guests can anticipate the event and not too early in advance. For destination weddings, they should be sent far enough in advance so that your guests can make travel plans


Destination: 3-5 weeks // Local: 3-4 weeks

Deadlines aren’t solid since they can also be based on when your other vendors need a final guest count. Make sure all vendors get the final info on time since this timing can also affect the pricing of their costs which may be difficult to get a good price if materials aren’t ordered on time. Set all RSVP dates for a week before the final guest count is needed from the vendor that needs it the earliest.



Whether you like it or not, guests like to send gifts even before you walk down the aisle. It reduces the amount of things that are brought to the wedding and also helps guests that can’t make it, send gifts in advance. Getting thank you cards ready to send closer to the wedding day, will help to minimize the workload of sending after the wedding. As soon as you possibly can, after your wedding, etiquette is to send them no later than 4 weeks after your wedding.

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