We’re always hunting and gathering pieces from flea markets, magazine tears, matchbooks, photos, and all sorts of treasures. These give us the library of “thingimabobs” that we need to conjure up some real life magic! Scroll down to find out how we can make this happen for you!


We like to begin with a conversation over the phone, video, or in person regarding the overall feel. This is when all images and style can be discussed as well as the type of materials that you’d like. If you have a budget you’d like to stick to, please let us know at this time so that we can advise you on what process will be possible.


As soon as we get an idea of what the style of the event will be, we will start to make a board of things that will inspire us to work on your pieces. It will cover materials, mood, style, texture and any extra items that will elevate the overall suite.


Once we are set on the design direction, artwork will be drafted and sent off to you to sign off on or revise based on the notes that are given to us. Although, 1 revision is included, more revisions can be requested in order to get everything just perfect. Minor revisions won’t be charged a fee, but large design revisions that cause the direction to be completely different will incur an additional fee.


Once the artwork proofs have been signed off on and confirmed that it’s good to go, we will move forward to ordering all the materials and send off to get printed. If calligraphy is required please keep in mind that this may alter the timeline. Please mention this during the initial conversation to make sure it’s part of the timeline.


After we receive all the pieces, you have the option of having us assemble them or we will package up your pieces and ship it to you (pick up may be possible). We will also provide one full set for your photographer to style. If you’d like for us to take care of the styling and be onsite during prep, we can arrange the delivery and styling for all your pieces on the day of your event.

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