Frequently Asked Questions

// How long have you been designing stationery?

I’ve been designing wedding stationery and custom artwork for clients since 2006. Originally, my business was under a different name but a similar concept. From 2006 til about 2013, I ran this business with everything that I had and ultimately decided to take a couple years off to plan and give myself some love. Since I came back into the scene in 2015, I started Red Letter Day and haven’t looked back!

// Do you only design stationery and wedding paper goods?

Although we specialize in events and stationery, we are a design studio offering a full breadth of work. We’ve been asked to create work for many brands, murals for organizations, along with logo and brand work for small businesses. Take a gander at our bio & press page to see the clients that we’ve worked with

// What types of printing processes do you offer?

I offer all different types of printing processes. The most requested ones are flat / digital, letterpress and foil printing. However, with the right amount of time and design, we can accommodate most all requests. All of our printing is outsourced to a trusted vendor that we’ve been working with many years. The different processes are outlined in the semi-custom wedding stationery page. Click here to peruse.

// Can I choose everything for my stationery?

For custom: YES! All your options are up to you! Which means that the beginning to end is a collaboration between the client and us! We will advise you of the right printing, paper, colors and design throughout the process

For semi-custom: The options for customization are limited. If one of those designs are chosen, the watercolor illustrations will not be able to be altered. If the illustrations are line drawings and you’d like a different color ink printed, then that is possible. All text can be altered with colors, design and font.

// Can I also order the day-of goods from you as well?

Absolutely! We work with clients from the save the date, wedding invitation, all signage, and day of goods, along with any extra items that may add to the suite.

// How long does it take for custom jobs?

Custom projects usually take 4-6 weeks dependent on what is requested and the feedback and response from the client. Printing will be about 3 weeks from the approval of the final design. Each client has 1 round of revision included that may be used if necessary. We only take 6-8 custom orders per year.

Semi-custom projects are much quicker and will take roughly 3-4 weeks to finish completely. Our availability is always open for semi-custom projects.

// If I don’t like my pieces, can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the work, all sales are final. With illustration and calligraphy, it will be common for variables to affect the way each item looks. There are spacing, size, style of drawings and letters that require custom work in order to keep the integrity of our pieces. No two handwritten and painted pieces will be identical.