What an exciting time! You’re engaged to your love and best friend and want to let people know…now what? You’ve been going through wedding invitation sites, contacting stationers but nothing seems to fit. All of our custom work with our clients are just that…CUSTOM! Each suite is designed to fit your story, personality and style. We always print and carry the highest quality products for our clients. From paper, fabric, acrylic, to unconventional materials, any idea you bring to us, we will find a way to make it happen. We put in the time to source and gather materials to make sure your suite is perfect. We are very proud of what we put out and believe that when we get to tell your story, your event will be that much better!


We know that you can go to many different outlets to choose your wedding or event stationery. However, we pride ourselves on making sure everything is hand-drawn or written to create the most unique pieces for you. The style of calligraphy that we most adhere to is the traditional copperplate. All of our other calligraphy styles stem from this basic foundational aspect which we believe has a better balance and legibility when it is fully put together. Along with the calligraphy, our illustrations are all custom to you and no two pieces are alike. The pieces that we create cannot be found anywhere else adding an extra element of uniqueness to your event.


For over 10 years, we’ve worked with countless wedding planners, vendors, clients, and brands. Each time, we’ve fleshed out details and worked hard to make sure each client walks away with the best of what we have to offer. Even though we’ve been in this industry for many years, we’re still just a phone call away and will make every effort to start the conversation with you through a meeting in person, on the phone, or a video call to make sure you feel confident working with us.


All of our work begins with a CREATIVE CONSULT to determine your concept, style, and details that you want to add for your pieces. After this stage, we will put together an INSPIRATION BOARD and find elements that best fit your style based on our conversation. Along with the board, you will receive a contract with a timeline and an invoice. Once we’ve received your deposit and signed contract, the ARTWORK will begin! A draft of 3 different design concepts will be sent to you to review and choose which direction you’d like to go in. Upon choosing, you have the option to use a revision or continuing on. If you use the revision at no extra cost and receive the revised artwork back but feel you want to change something else up, you’re more than welcome to purchasing an extra revision.

If you’d like to continue on, the PRODUCTION starts! This is the time when the rest of the deposit will need to be paid in order for us to ensure the delivery of all the goods for your stationery pieces. Then in about 3 weeks time your GOODIES will be ready for us to assemble and mail out, or shipped to you for you to assemble and mail.

If the custom experience is what you’re after, please fill out our questionnaire below.